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We have 210 reviews and an overall rating of 4.8 in Google!

The customer service from these guys is first rate. I would highly recommend them to everyone. There was no pushy sales talk, they answered questions honestly a [...]

Dawn Imms

Feb 27, 2024

Excellent treatment, dedication, understanding and absolute help throughout the entire car purchasing process (including: repair and adding extras by Patxi/Fran [...]

Royal Master

Feb 26, 2024

We bought a car from BW Cars recently there was a problem with the exhaust . But they put a new one on with no problem at all. Very good customer service I [...]

Denise Lester

Feb 23, 2024

Francisco and Gabor maintain a very high level of service in helping with car purchases, servicing and inspections. They speak good English and are reliable.

Michael Norén

Feb 21, 2024

Pablo Motos Trancas barrancas

Jan 20, 2024